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On October 15th we were guests at Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering department of University of Calabria. It was a day dedicated to young UNICAL engineerign students, durign which we had the opportunity to tell our reality and ou opportinuties, and to know many talented students. During the first part of the day, Alessandra, from the Talent Acquisition office, introduced our firm and described all the initiatives dedicated to People Design’s employees. The introduction ended with the story of Roberto, mechaniucal engineer graduated at University of Calabria, who Has been a web working in PD fro several years. Robeto told his experience in the firm, giving a concrete example of how much passion, determination and competence represent the path to achieve one’s professional ambitions. During the afternoon we met several students for a brief meeting moment. It was very interesting to capture curiosity and intyerest in their eyes; thei thirst for knowledge and theri enthusiasm enhance our belief that investing in youngsters is fundamental for the future. The partnership with University started from the great opportunity of mutal exchange of competences and visions. We thank professor Maurizio Muzzupappa and Francesco Ingegnere, coordinator of Unical race department, for the opportunity and the warm welcoming. 

Our  effort to materialize young students’ passion throughout opportunities will keep being constant.


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