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Also for 2019, People Design confirms its passion for rally: a science only for a few which is able to give emotions and strong thrills. A real discipline which is learnt with perseverance, determination, sacrifice and a lot of passion! For rallies speed is not the main aspect: what matters is the endurance, the ability to navigate across any kind of winding router, and to arrive to the finish line. What matters is the strenght, determianation and recer’s capability to define a strategy oriented to the final goal. These are the values on which we focus and contribute aims at the achievement of excellent in engineerign field. From the beginning of their careers, our epmployees are supported by expert who share their specific skills to face professional challenges. Trained people who make People Design a professional incubator.

#We are different!

Values taht our CEO Pietro Pometti, emphasised in “Rally Dreamer” broadcast aired on May 19th. People Design supports the tv show dedicated to the rally world, which follow IRC races step by step. Is it goes on air every first and third Sunday each month on channel 60 and channel 225 on sky. We are more over sponsor of the game show “ Rally Game” which will reward on of the racers, at the end of IRC competition. Winners will have the opportunity to enjoy Monza Rally Show 2019 as racer and co- racer.

Rally Dreamer

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