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Samuele’s career path

I dream of automotive and I am doing everything possible to enter this world! Right now I don't care about the salary aspect, now I have to lay the foundations to become a professional.

SamueleTeam Automotive

I am 22 years old and I really want to work as a mechanical designer in the automotive sector. Always passionate about cars and engines, after graduating as a mechanical professional I started working as a turner, it was a very stimulating period from a professional point of view that allowed me to learn a lot. After this first experience I worked for a company that operates in the design, construction and installation of special machines and systems for different production sectors. I was thrilled with this work, I finally had the opportunity to see all the phases of the process: idea, design and assembly! I spent 30% of my time in the office and 70% in the workshop. It was a crazy experience, I was finally able to design pieces and above all touch the fruit of my work with my hand! It wasn’t all roses. I do not hide the fact that in some moments I thought I could not succeed. But I’m not one who gives up easily, I threw myself headlong into the problem and didn’t stop until I found a solution.

My first experiences have given me a lot, indeed a lot. They represent essential moments of my professional career. I have been working with People Design since 2018. I immediately understood the potential that the career path offered me and, thanks also to the excellent feeling established, I decided to accept this new challenge. The first months I followed the PLAB training program, after a while I was entrusted the first order to a company that deals with the design and construction of machinery for the processing of flat and hollow glass. It was 4 months of real apprenticeship during which, however, I had the opportunity to learn diverse methodologies and working methods.

At the end of this first experience I had the opportunity to work for a multinational manufacturer of foundry furnaces. I am happy with the choice because both experiences have left me something important: the opportunity to compare myself with competent professionals who had so much to teach me! After having carried out my first experiences with determination, it arrived the long-awaited opportunity: collaboration with a company within the automotive sector. I am enthusiastic about this new challenge, I am aware that the path is still long for me but I know that I will be able to realise my dream of working in motorsport, I want it with all of my might!

Now I am here, happy as a child because in a short time I will have the opportunity to enter a contract with a company in the automotive sector.

SamueleTeam Machinery