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Paolo’s career path

The added value of People Design is the possibility to put its skills at the service of a historic brand of the Italian motorcycle tradition.

PaoloTeam Automotive

I think I have had an innate attraction for mechanical design since I was a child. At the age of sixteen I started working in a small mechanical workshop, I dealt with the repair of electromechanical tools and agricultural motor tools. This little hobby / job satisfied my desire for knowledge. During these years I bought my first bike, I spent every free moment breaking it down trying to understand its operating principles. The work as a mechanic, however, began to hold me tight, I wanted something that would allow me to satisfy my creative streak: the call for two wheels continued to be felt!

University studies have opened a new universe to me, I was finally able to deepen and study what had always fascinated me. During these years I have alternated periods of study and work, up to the achievement of a degree in engineering. I spent the first few months after graduation sending CV without receiving any response.

I finally stumbled upon a People Design ad. A few hours after sending the curriculum, I received a request for an interview, what efficiency! Within a few days I had already done the preliminary interviews and then the technical interviews. Within a few weeks I was hired! After the preliminary training period I began my journey with a customer, my first experience took place at a leading company in the world of taps and bathroom furniture.

It was a very important period in which I was able to experience working methods and business processes firsthand. At the end of this experience, the opportunity arose to work in a company specializing in the design of prototypes in the automotive sector: My dream!

Today I work for one of the most important brands in the world in the motorcycle sector, the largest European manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. I support the road division, the area specializing in the design and production of road vehicles: from 50cc scooters to super sports cars. People Design gave me the opportunity to put my skills at the service of a historic brand of the Italian motorcycle tradition and to have the opportunity to share know-how with the excellence of the sector.

I can finally say that my dream is truly coming true. Ironically, in a project for that motorcycle manufacturer that was the mother of the first bike from which this all started!

PaoloTeam Machinery