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Carlo’s career path

The added value of People Design is the ability to work within realities that meet their expectations in professional terms.

CarloTeam Machinery

I am an aeronautical engineer with a great passion for aviation and industrial technology. I started my career in People Design in 2016. After learning the basic skills to be able to undertake my first customer order, I had the opportunity to work at a leading company in the world of taps and bathroom furniture. I oversaw spare parts management and updating of some product lines. Thanks to this opportunity I have learned about the dynamics of a structured reality and I consolidated my skills in the use of Creo and PLM Windchill. Once back in the office I had the opportunity to provide support to the design activities of an internal order: the construction of a curtain actuator. After this brief experience “at home”, I worked as a consultant for a company that deals with the design and planning of PET containers, molds and conversion of production lines. The experience was very positive. I worked on the design of blow molds for both prototype and series production.

My ambition to work in the world of industrial automation was realized in 2018. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a multinational world leader in the production of flexible machines and systems for sheet metal processing. Currently, in the technical office, I am dealing with both product development and work on orders.

I am very satisfied with the activities I carry out; they represent a continuous stimulus to define my skills and abilities in the world of design. People Design is a reality made up of professionals able to understand your potential and direct you to job opportunities that allow you to highlight your skills and aspirations.

Working in People Design has allowed me to meet companies that work in very different fields, it is an advantage that I find perfect for my way of approaching work.

To think that at the beginning I only wanted to deal with the automotive industry, who would have thought so! Thanks to People Design, I had the opportunity to meet companies operating in very different sectors and to participate in training initiatives at partner companies. All this made me feel an integral part of a team that is growing every day.

Thanks to People Design I had the opportunity to meet different companies operating in very different sectors in 3 years.

CarloTeam Machinery