Leading customer in the nuclear medicine sector specialised in management systems, processing and dosage of Radiopharmaceuticals


We had the opportunity to work on an important activity: the design of a complete line of machines for the processing of a radioactive product that will be used in hospitals. This is a complex market which requires in-depth understanding of the materials used and all the elements that contribute to the design of a safe product for operators and people. In fact, the design includes a series of specific activities: 

  • the construction of controlled pressure and tightness chambers;
  • the knowledge of materials in compliance with the treated chemistry;
  • understanding of radionuclides (nuclei that decay by releasing radioactive energy);
  • the ways in which radioactive energy is screened;
  • the development of specific skill in automation (the operator never comes into direct contact). 

It is a job that also offers the opportunity to come into contact with customers and suppliers of international importance.

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