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People Academy

Training as tool for the professional growth.

People Academy is the free access training project offered by the company to all its employees. The training courses have either a precise or transversal managerial technical nature, have 4 access level, according to each single employee seniority.

Scuola di Atene, Raffaello, Musei Vaticani, 1509-1511

People Cloud

Website dedicated to training.

People Academy training is one of the company’s priorities, in recent years we have invested heavily to meet the needs of our employees. A few months ago, it was born People Cloud, our digital platform entirely dedicated to corporate training. An additional piece to support the professional growth of our employees that offers the opportunity to deepen technical issues and have new opportunities for knowledge. 

Skills growth

The value of training.


Access to specific know- how and the new working methods in a constantly evolving senior


It offers the opportunity to face new projects and challenges, with th appropiate tools and informations

Professional growth.

A unique investment opportunity on peculiar engineering culture (human capital)