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Our customers feedback.


I met People Design some years ago. Our partnership has been focused on various project where many engineers spend long period of time in our company. Quality and technical knowledge of the engineers was perfect and always oriented towards great professionalism and flexibility. We are still working with People Design with great satisfaction. For us People Design is a fundamental partner.

Marco F. | Technical DirectorCompany specialized in piping for automotive and off highway application

Currently we are at the beginning of our journey with People Design since has started some month ago to cover workload peaks. We were able to assessed the benefit of having an “on site” resource with the desired skills instead of relying on external service. I can confirm the professionalism and the quality of all the person involved from the commercial and administrative teams up to, of course, the technical team. Thanks to this first positive experience we are working to increase our collaboration with People Design to strengthen our technical office. We are really satisfied!

Marco B. | Product Engineering ManagerLeading company in wheel production

Our cooperation with People Design started to cover workloads peaks and after the first very positive results we decide to strengthen our partnership. Since the beginning we appreciate the reliability and the professionalism. After our feedback on our desired technical skills People Design has been really fast in finding and provide us with the best suitable resources. Technicians are really competent and professional.
The choice ended up being a winner and we are planning to straighten our partnership.

Angelo B. | Operation ManagerWorld leading company in mold design and production for automotive and industrial application

Our partnership with People Design has lasted for many years. Flexibility and the ability of catching our needs played a key role in our growth and thanks to that we have being able to complete successfully projects that lead us to reach the complete satisfaction of our main client. The chance of having resources trained for specific request with also expertise in different CAD system has strengthened our partnership. The main focus is on enlarging our client portfolio.

Lorenzo M. | Design and SimulationCompany based in Modena specialized in design, production and testing for automotive, motorsport and automation application

The need of supporting our technical office lead us to search for external collaborators and the one with People Design has been motivated by the professionalism shown since the first impression. We are really satisfied of this collaboration and of our decision to strengthen this relation. For us People design is not just a service supplier but a real partner with which grow together. Knowledge and skill exchange is a key factor in this collaboration that we hope will last also in the next years with mutual satisfaction.

Siro B. | Company OwnerCompany specialized in design and production of tower crane cabin

We start our partnership with People Design with a pilot project and suddenly our collaboration multiplied. People Design has proved to be able to understand our technical and organizational requirements by choosing and train in a perfect way the resources that are successfully working with us. Strongly oriented and open to catch our needs showing flexibility and reactivity. Since the beginning our collaboration has been developed in a genuine partnership.

Manfredi F. | Technical DirectorCompany specialized in design, prototyping and validation of bodywork, chassis and engine for 2 and small 3 and 4-wheel vehicle

It’s been several years since we collaborate with People Design and we had the chance to appreciate the reliability during the activity. The service has been always characterized by transparency, professionalism and willingness to dialogue, always in a serious and reserved way.

Giuseppe L. | Technical DirectorOil and water pump producer

Since the first moment we create a perfect collaboration with People Design noticing a great flexibility in the use of various CAD software, because of the variant of the client. Deliveries were always on time, availability and good alignment with our standards lead us to use the service always more and more constantly.

Franco S. | Engineering ManagerDiecasting machine production


Collaboration with People Design is fundamental for our technical office and our company. The technical support provided us lead us to overcome difficulties in finding qualified technician even when our HR office was not able to find the people with the desired skills. People Design, through many years, as always been able to meet the expectation with a qualified and fast service. We think the collaboration with People Design is strategical for us to face cyclic and unpredictable work peeks.

Antonio D. | Plant ManagerCompany specialized in system for machine tool

We started our collaboration with People Design in the 2017; we had the need of finding skilled collaborators in a short time to help our technical office.
We found a great partner in People Design, able to understand our needs and to provide technical figures that meets our requirements. Thanks to the good attitude showed our collaboration is growing (3 new collaborators in the last year).
We are really satisfied by the work performed and we will keep using the excellent consultants provided by People Design also in the future.

Nicola M. | Team coordinatorLeading company in production of freeze drying machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics market

We start to collaborate with People Design due to an increasing work load for our technical office.
What was meant to be a temporary support to the design activity turns out as create opportunity of professional growth.
People design supported us not only in the ordinary and extraordinary design activities, but also in organizing and training our team.
The great experience of the collaborators from People Design is an added value that improved our competencies with new competencies fundamental for our growth.
We are really satisfied.

Alessandro B. | Operations DirectorCompany specialized in the design of bottle and Pet cases

I can confirm we are fully satisfied by the competent design service offered by People Design and together we were able to face the increasing pressure on our activity due to the rapid growth of our reference market. The availability and ability to provide solutions to our need qualify People Design as our first choice if this should happen again. People Design is not only a consultancy company but a true partner that follows with passion and great sense of responsibility any project it takes part: professionalism and competence are the right words to describe People Design consultants!

Roberto C. | Project ManagerCompany specialized in plastic material production

In our sector, organizational flexibility is a fundamental aspect so for us is very important that a supplier is able to support us with rapidity and professionalism. In those years of collaboration with people design we had the chance to evaluate the skills and the reliability of the company, noticing a great attention to the real needs of our company. Technicians they provided us were always skilled and suitable for their tasks always with a professional attitude and actively collaborative to the projects.

Nicoletta M. | Operations Planning DepartmentCompany specialized in the construction of industrial water washing systems, ultrasound systems, hydrokinetics, spray tunnels, metal washers

A value that characterizes People is the seriousness in the offers, it is rare in other realities to be told: “I would have a designer available but is not suitable for you so, to not waste your time, I tell you that today I’m not able to satisfied your need but I will start do search and I will be back to you as soon as possible”. We choose People Design for its professionalism and preparation of their staff (commercial one too), skilled technician with a solid professional training. We are really satisfied from the work that we are doing together and we hope this collaboration will last in the future.

Simone D. | Responsabile Ufficio TecnicoCompany specialized in the production of designer taps and mixers for high-end bathroom and kitchen

The design phase at the beginning of our operative workflow is maybe the toughest challenge that we face every day. The chance to count on an external support for us is an essential need to remain competitive.
We found the ideal partner in People Design with which we are stronger in facing our daily challenge. Technical skills and great flexibility are the main quality we appreciate. During those times we create a collaboration with People deign where People Design is now a partner fully integrated in our company and fully involved in the major projects.

Alberto G. | Group Operation ManagerTechnologies and software solutions in the pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical and regenerative medicine sectors

Today the opportunities have to be catch as soon as they appear and only the most agile company are able to take advantage to the competitors.
People Design is a trustworthy and dynamic company which I had the pleasure to work with in the last 3 years. What I appreciate the most is the availability which, combined with an extreme versatility, helped me to overcome some very time-critical situations. The skills and the professionalism shown by their designer is a certainty for those who, like our company, has to face unexpected situation that may turns out critical for the temporary internal project management.

Nils C. | Engineering PA Dept. ManagerMultinational forking the the robotics, energy and automation fields

Towards the years needs has been various and complicated, but we always found in People Design a valuable partner, able to understand our needs and fast reactive. People Design has always shown to have a really efficient recruiting process able to find the right skills that meet our requirements with constant quality and exceptional flexibility. People Design is a reliable company and always present, a really precious partner in such dynamic and unpredictable market. We can’t be anything but satisfied.

Andrea A. | Chief Technology OfficerLeading company in the design, production and installation of system for tubes and welded profiles production

I’m responsible for a portion of the mechanical design in a company that produce automatic machines with high technological content. I considered People Design an adequate partner for our needs for the technical competence offered and the ability to combine the professional profile of the resources provided with the level of complexity of the project. Flexibility guaranteed by its organization chart it’s essential in this collaboration we created. Skills and professionalism of their consultant it’s an assurance for those who has to face the complexity behind a project with high technological and innovative content.

Federica A. | Project ManagerManufacturer of machines and systems for hygienic devices

At my arrival in the company was clear that we need to improve our flexibility in the team to manage new projects and to became more competitive both in R&D and Special Projects. So we decide to work with People Design. People Designed has been able to understand our needs and to provide, from a great poll of designer, the right skills we required. People Design offers are able to cover a wide range of needs from Junior Designer to Senior Designer through know how in simulation and in sector.

Marco M. | Responsabile ufficio tecnico e prototipiItalian multinational company that works in the market of machine and system for various material processing operation

As technical director I’m really satisfied by the collaboration with People Design.
In particular, their key strengths are:
Reaction time and availability
Finding the right people compared to the task
Technical skills
A great pool of designer able to cover many activities
2018 was a turning point for our company as we have to completely re-shape our information system, and your help was foundamental.

Pierfranco M. | Flat Glass Business Unit – Technical DirectorLeading company in design and production of machinery for processing flat and hollow glass

We knew about People Design about a year and a half ago, during a period of very high workload, that we were not able to overcame with our internal resources. Thanks to the innovative service of finding and training mechanical designers, People Deign gave us all the support we needed to manage that workload.
Rapidity and extreme flexibility are the main quality we found. Without forgetting the skills of the staff who have been provided to us.
For sure there will be other occasions to collaborate together. We are completely satisfied by this collaboration!

Fabio B. | Responsabile ufficio tecnicoSupplier of full system for the deformation industry

Our company has a really low turnover and we never used any external support for the design activities. Following numerous orders acquired, we found ourselves facing a peak of work. Our products require highly specialized skills and technical know-how and we would never be able to reinforce our technical office. We let ourselves be guided by the People Design consultant who, in a precise, transparent and professional manner, allowed us to fulfill all the requests we had, dispelling the initial doubts about contacting an external company.

Riccardo N. | Direttore TecnicoCompany specialized in encapsulated electric coils, solenoids, pneumatic piloting solenoid valves production

Our company is always committed to facing new challenges on new markets; it is essential to work with the right partner who combines flexibility and added value. People Design, in the realization of engineering projects and plant at 360°, has always offered high professionalism with a solid level of flexibility.
Is not easy to find a company with this skills and professionalism. Consultants are now an integrated and essential part of our technical office, are a real resource of competencies and professionalism. We are really satisfied of this choice and sure that this collaboration will last in the future!

Giorgio F. | Engineering ManagerWorld leader in the design, production and maintenance of turbogenerators

For us the collaboration with People Design is a great resource to overcome work peeks otherwise difficult to manage. Finding skilled resources for us has always been complicated due to our geographical location and the industrial base that surrounds us. During those years our collaboration has strengthened more and more thanks to the possibility to count on young engineers and strongly qualified technician (thanks also to their internal training). A winning partnership that we think will last also in the future.

Ing. Simone F. | Mechanical Designing Dept ManagerWorld leading company in integrate solutions for packaging

We choose People Design for its ability to personalize its service. It’s able to offer a various pool of technicians and professions able to satisfy our need in a short time. Special machinery production can’t count on a medium period R&D resource planning, but has to answer in a very short time to the needs of the market. Workloads, required skills and times vary continuously and we need supplier able to withstand with this.

Nicola R. | Direttore TecnicoWorld leading company founded in 1969 specialized in specializing in wood, glass, metal, stone, plastic and advanced materials processing

People Design is a careful, precise and diligent company. People Design follows his client in every situation and take care of every request transmitting a sense of tranquility. Its collaborators are able to taking in charge activity, usually really problematic, and to complete them with great results. We are really satisfied by the results after many and different collaboration through the years. We will surely keep working with People Design’s designers to face all the daily challenge we will find. An highly trusted and competent partner.

Federico G. | Mechanical Design SupervisorCompany specialized in Helium Seal Control Systems production

The decision to collaborate with People Design comes from the need to support our technical office during the frequent workload peeks generate by a design on commission.
People Design immediately appeared as a really serious in proponing suitable solution to our requirements, together with notable flexibility in the time management of the various specialist that worked with us during those years. This collaboration is still ongoing and the project where we work together is constantly increasing in numbers. People Design is, without any doubt, a serious company and full of competencies, a real resource for our technical office.

Alberto F. | Engineering ManagerHigh value solution for all the logistic needs