People Lab is the permanent on-the-job lab where young engineers are trained to improve their knowledge and skills through 8 thematic programs and 20 custom paths related to our customers.
The difference between the training courses for engineers and People Lab our permanent lab offers graduates and undergraduates a training-on-the-job to learn specific skills applied to real projects. For a mechanical engineer searching for work, People Lab offers both training and a salary. It is therefore appropriate to say that the phrases "I’m searching for engineering work" and "engineer wanted" meet in a profitable marriage: both for the young graduate, for the company and for the client.
The training model implemented in the People Lab includes 6-to-9-month training-on-the-job programs as a preview of the workplace. They are characterized by typical subgroups of the Automotive sector and by the most important themes in Machinery..
All this takes place in close contact and according to the requests of our 300 partner customers.

“Over the last 3 years we have trained about 150 people and for 2017 we expect to include at least 60 more to the program” – Pietro Pometti