The main asset of our company are the people who, with their talent and passions, represent our real value.
To develop and enhance their skills, we offer continuous training and professional growth (People Academy) courses that accompany our employees from when they enter the business and go beyond their professional maturity.

With the support of a dedicated team, each employee embarks on a personalized training project that integrates the perfection of general skills through the development of specific technical skills and evolves in harmony with the company growth.

The main areas of training are:
• Machinery Directive Course
• Hydraulic course
• Pneumatic Course
• MTM course
• Problem solving course
• MS Office Course (Advanced Excel)
• Personal development and communication course / PNL
• Project management course
• Business development course
• Design Software Course: CAD, CAE, CFD
• Foreign Language Course: English and German (wall street institute)