R. N. – Purchase Manager

ELECTRIC REELS – Ours is a reality with a very low turnover and for this reason we had never made use of external support in the field of design. Following numerous contracts awarded, we were faced with a peak workload that, based solely on our own strength, we would not be able to manage. Since our product requires a strong specialization and a high technical know-how, the issue of how to deal with this situation was very complex. We let us guide by the People design consultant in a precise, transparent and professional has allowed us to fulfill all the requests we had also dispelling the initial distrust in turn to an outside company. Basically there has been an experience to be profitable and the numerous advantages.

C.G. – Technical Director

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT – I'm the manager of the electromechanical design of a medium-sized company in the province of Brescia. A few years ago we were in the need to use a designer for the development of a product. After meeting with a number of potential companies in a position to provide the service, I chose to support us by People Design. The choice was motivated by the flexibility, range of collaboration options and services that have been proposed. Together with the business representative, we have been identified our needs and the technical staff skills necessary. The collaboration experience is one of complete satisfaction for us, during these three years: in the face of new needs, Design People will always be the first choice.

A. B. – Operations Management

DIES FOR AUTOMOTIVE – The collaboration with People Design was initially created to cover the peaks of work, and subsequently has been expanded as a result of the positive results obtained. We have been able to appreciate the seriousness and professionalism of People Design since the early approaches. Following our indications about the skills of technicians of which we needed, we went in search of the best solution and we have identified the appropriate figures in a short time. To date, the People Design specialists are proving to be knowledgeable and helpful. The choice ended up being successful and the idea for the future is to strengthen our cooperation.

N. R. – Technical Director

MACHINE TOOLS – We chose People Design for its proven ability to customize the service the need of the hour and in the times that our market requires. People Design can offer a wide range of technical and professional skills able to respond quickly to our requests. The production of special machines can rarely count on a medium-term planning of R & D resources, but must respond very quickly to the needs of development driven by the market. workloads, professionalism demands and lead times vary all the time and we have to rely on suppliers that allow us to go along with them.

T. Z. – Technical Director

WINDING MACHINES – As head mechanical engineering department, hereby make use of the People Design collaboration with regard to the mechanical design of complex machine groups. The technicians made available have confirmed to be in line with our needs and respectful of our working standards and confidentiality. Punctuality, respect of delivery and the amount of hours worked during the week are absolutely guaranteed, even in time of need I had no problem to get more availability for the disposal of overriding urgency.

F. V. – Managing Director

PACKAGING MACHINES – Our company had the need to find quickly a senior specialist to work alongside our Technical Department in the development of a new project. People Design after preliminary contacts, quickly offered us the best solution. The application has been carefully evaluated by us, we quickly found an agreement and we are parties. With this support of People Design the project was completed in a positive manner and within the agreed time. We were to meet in the future other similar requirements we will definitely be addressing to People Design.

L. M. – Design and Simulation Manager

ENGINEERING SERVICES – The relationship with People has lasted many years. The flexibility and the ability to follow our needs has allowed us to make continued growth and success to our main customers. The ability to have staff trained for specific requests and especially the expertise in multiple CAD platforms has certainly consolidated our relationship. The main objective is to continue to grow and expand our customer panel.

T. A. – Technical Manager

DRAWING MACHINES – We use the People Design services for more than three years, and we can be satisfied. Designers that have occurred over time, both as external and as internal, have demonstrated competence and professionalism. We will continue to exploit the possibilities offered by People Design to cover the peak workload that will arise in the future.

D. B. – Technical Services Manager

MOTORSPORT – We have been doing business with People Design Since 2008 and year-on-year our collaboration continues to grow. In them we have found a group of professionals with the technical ability to understand the nature of our business and respond in an agile manner to fulfill our needs. They are a forward looking company who are investing in bringing young talent to the workplace backed up by a wealth of experience covering many sectors.

S. F. – R&D Wilde Range Machines Manager

LASER MACHINES – We chose People Design as a partner for mechanical design of parts of our machines, because it seemed like a 'company that can provide support centered on the specific needs of the moment, with the ability to have designers with an' adequate experience. The feedback I can give is very positive. We found that the specialists at our disposal have a 'high technical skills and a good degree of autonomy.

D. P. – Technical Director

GASIFICATION PLANTS – We have always found very well with People Design for the adequacy of the solutions we proposed. Speed of response, in particular, has helped us to offset the typical peaks of work in our industry.

A. F. – Engineering Manager

AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE – The decision to turn to People design stems from the support the technical department in the work peaks produced by a design on order. People design has proved immediately very serious in proposing solutions adapted to the requirements, with the addition of a considerable flexibility in the management of the working timing of the various specialists who have worked over the years with our company. The collaboration with People Design is still in progress and the number of activities it is involved in is increasing.

S. M. – HR Manager

AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE – People Design is a company that provides engineering services outsourcing. We make use of their service when the internal resources are not able to cope with intense workload. On each occasion People Design understands our needs and has provided us with in the short term of competent specialists team, prepared and available.

N. C. – Engineering PA dept. Manager

INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS – Today, the opportunities must be seized only faster and leaner companies are able to get an edge over the competition. People Design is a reliable and dynamic company with which I have had the pleasure of working in the last three years. What I appreciate most is the availability which, combined with extreme versatility, it helped me get through some situations very "time-critical".

F. B. – Technical Director

FILLING MACHINES – I would like to express my congratulations for the project that you have followed, through which we have been able to achieve all of encapsulation systems of a major pharmaceutical line. The design activities were managed thanks to the experience of your specialist, who brilliantly developed the agreed solutions. The dedicated resource to us and with whom we have cooperated for more than a year has proved capable and adequate to the expectations. The design work has been undertaken and completed on schedule, and the result was as expected.

D. D. – General Manager

MEASURING PUMPS – I chose to work with the People design team especially for the transparency and professionalism. At no time in our working relationship, from the very first meeting, I had the feeling of being in front of a simple "supplier" but certainly a real "business partner" with whom to share and develop together a common project.

A. C. – Technical Director

FILLING MACHINES – I chose to work with People Design for the professionalism and expertise demonstrated during the bidding stage. I was looking for an experienced partner, who could advise me also in the strategic choices. I can then be said to be satisfied with the work and the support received and again accorderei confidence data.

G. F. – Engineering Manager

PLANT FOR BIOMASS –  Our company is always committed to addressing new challenges in new markets; key is to work with the right partner that combines flexibility and added value. People design, in the realization of the plant-engineering projects to 360 °, has always offered high professionalism with a great degree of flexibility.

F. S. – Engineering Manager

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION – From the first moment we form an excellent collaborative relationship with People Design noting flexibility in the use of various CAD software, the diversity of our customers view. Deliveries were always on time, availability and good alignment with our standards have allowed us to use in an increasingly continuous service.